Ptose-Up® and Ptosis Probe

Ptose-Up® and Ptosis Probe by FCI.

Ptose-Up and Ptosis Probe in Malaysia by FCI and Time Healthcare Solutions Malaysia

Ptose-Up® is a strip of biomaterial made of ePTFE (expanded Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) used to join the upper eyelid to the frontalis muscle in ptosis surgery with frontalis suspension.

Ptosis Probe suspension set is indicated for ptosis surgery with frontalis suspension.

Watch the Video Below about Ptose-Up®

Ptose-Up® | ePTFE Frontalis Suspension | Features & Procedure | Exclusive | FCI Eyelids

Watch the Video Below about Ptosis Probe

Ptosis Probe | Silicone Frontalis Suspension | Procedure | FCI Eyelids
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